The Festival is a fun-filled and jam-packed programme that aims to:

  • Educate and release children in the field of arts and culture through workshops, plays, exhibitions and craft market visits.
  • Develop and encourage entrepreneurial skills in the field of art and culture through focused workshops that concentrate on perfecting particular techniques.
  • Provide vital exposure to new skills involving hand/eye coordination, lateral thinking, imagination, improvisation and creativity.
  • Use professional crafters who earn an income from their
    craft, to facilitate the numerous craft
  • Expose children to the diverse cultures and talents of artists, actors, dancers and musicians in South Africa.
  • Uplift and release the artist within each child by providing them with hands-on experiences in the arts.
  • Offer an experience that is uplifting and fun as the children enter a world of beauty and imagination, where anything is possible.

The Festival Programme is made up of 4 smaller elements:


The Mini-Festival Programme

The Day Programme

The Boarding Programme

The Sponsored Programme