Welcome to the 2017 Children's Arts Festival

"Releasing the Artist Within"

This years Children’s Arts Festival will be a 10 day creative arts experience for primary school children and is an annual event that runs concurrently with the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

It exists to provide pre-primary and primary school children (aged 4-13) from every segment of society with a stimulating and exciting education in the arts. The programme is specially designed for children and aims to release the artist within every child and to develop their creativity, imagination and artistic ability.

It is a fully supervised programme and is hosted in the safe environment of St. Andrew’s Preparatory School in Grahamstown.

In 1988, Mr Brian Carlson, the Headmaster of St Andrew’s Prep School in Grahamstown, saw a need to entertain the children of adults who attended the National Arts Festival, and invited 13 primary school pupils to board at the school during the main Festival week. Their programme involved various workshops and plays.

Since its inception, 29 years ago, the festival has steadily grown every year. Now, an average of 1,900 primary school pupils attend each year. It has become an established feature of the National Arts Festival and is one of the cultural highlights on many school calendars.